I’m Walker Chesley, developer in the process of getting my Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems at West Texas A&M University. Currently in search of work as a developer, I have a fair amount of experience with python, Django and C#, and some loose grip of javascript.

I mostly work on things for myself or school, I’ve also begun to dabble in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tooling with Terraform and ansible. I’m actively looking for a good open source project, preferrably one I host too, to contribute too. I aim to make a full career of software development.

This blog will cover the dev related parts of my career, and other computer related items I dabble in, namely homelabbing.

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2023-03-15 | #blog #homelab #linux #personal

Motivation My primary motivation for starting a homelab was to back up photo’s from my wife’s and my phones. We each had our photo’s already set to back up to google drive, but our 15Gb of free storage quickly ran out.

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